We were asked to make Croquembouche for a very special wedding.

As a general rule we don’t make wedding cakes, but this is a favourite and so we just couldn’t resist. It’s a dramatic, awe-inspiring centrepiece tower of profiteroles and is totally delicious.

The invention of the Croquembouche is usually attributed to Antonin Carême, who included it in his 1815 cookbook Le Pâtissier royal parisien, but it is mentioned as early as 1806. So it’s been going some time and has many many variations.

This one we created had over 1,100 choux pastries (profiteroles) in it, all of which we baked for this bad boy.

Each one is hand filled with a combination of pistachio, lemon, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and decorated with edible viola flowers, fresh raspberries and blueberries. All held together with caramel.

There’s only one way to traditionally cut a Croquembouch – with a sword!!

The fantastic photos are by Nigel John.