Tried biltong before? Did you find it chewy, tasteless, hard and salty?

Let us change your mind when you taste our incredible biltong.

It is moist, succulent and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

We love to look at the reaction on people’s faces the first time they try our biltong. Eyes roll, smiles abound and hands normally reach for their wallet to buy some to take home. Our biltong is very special indeed.

  • full of flavour
  • prime cuts of Jersey beef
  • beautifully marbled, with high fat content

Two great flavours

Choose Classic or  Piri – Piri (which really packs a punch!)

  • Individual 50g packs, £3.50 each
  • Vac packed whole @ £36.00 per kilo.

We also ship to the UK. Our biltong is now bought wholesale and shipped to Europe by a third party. Please enquire.

What is biltong?

Biltong originates from South Africa. It is cured meat with spices and herbs, which locks in the rich flavours on the inside. 

What makes our biltong special?

We use the best Jersey beef, sourced from local herds here in the Channel Islands. It is beautifully marbled with a high fat content. During the curing process this breaks down to make the beef deliciously tender.

Where can I buy Jersey beef biltong?

You will be able to buy online shortly and there are lots of outlets across Jersey if you are visiting our beautiful island. We ship to the UK and also have third party exporters to enable you to buy it in Europe. Just ask!

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"Incredible from Jersey Kitchen and highly recommend them for your event catering!" Dec 2019