What is a spherificator?

Sunday treats today playing with the spherificator.

What is a spherificator?

It’s a device that allows us to turn virtually any liquid into caviar-shaped pearls. A really funky way to add a bit of lusciousness to a dish. The tasty spheres in this photo are tabasco flavoured. But you can make gravy pearls, balsamic and much more. Jersey Kitchen are at the experimental stage at the moment but enjoying the process very much.


Accompanied by an amazing English sparkling wine from Ridgeview Estate


They are creators of world class sparkling wine, crafted with passion and dedication in England. Situated at the foot of picturesque South Downs, the cool climate is perfect for sparkling wine viticulture. The vineyard began in 1995, when Mike and Chris Roberts had a dream to create world class sparkling wine. 20 years later, production has increased to more than a quarter of a million bottles, sold across the world. They’ve won quite a few awards too… amongst them Winemaker of the Year, International Wine & Spirit Competition 2018.